Congratulations to the 2021-2022 NIBA Inaugural Season Champion S. Carolina Yankees.


  Our Professional league aims to give players a great opportunity to play professional baseball. Whether you are looking to move up the professional ranks or just want to maximize your ceiling our pro league is a great option. Click on our Pro Application Guide for more information. 

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Pro Registration Guide

About Our Professional League!



 Starting June 1st - August 7th 2022.

  • Team locations include Charlotte, Greensboro, and Fayetteville NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • 40 plus games including the preseason, regular season plus playoffs.

  • Salaries are standard contracts starting from $100 per month. Contact us for additional revenue opportunities 

  • Personalized apparel sales commissions offered thru t-shirts and jerseys

  • Our schedule makes it convenient for players to work part time while playing 
  • The goal of our league is to help under-scouted talented players jump start their professional careers and move up the ranks for professional baseball!
  • Team Managers with prior professional/college coaching experience.

  • In our first year of operation (2021), we've already seen players from our organization move along to the Pecos League, United Shore Professional Baseball League, and the Minnesota Twins organization!

* Pre season fee of $200 charged to every player. 

* Players can with previous professional and collegiate playing experience preferred. 

* Players aged 21-25 preferred. 

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Interested? Why Wait?

If you have collegiate or professional playing experience within the last 36 months we want to give you the opportunity to compete for a spot in our league. Our mission is to provide players from the Southeastern United States a place to play in front of family and friends. However players from all states and countries are welcome. Players who qualify can be placed on a team 


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2021 End of Season Award Winners

Most Valuable Player - Kareem Bowers (S. Carolina Yankees)

Cy Young - Kevis Burton (S. Carolina Yankees)

Batting Champion - Rodney Scarver (Burlington Royals)

HR Leader - Kali Williams (S. Carolina Yankees)

Manager of the Year - Antoine Watts (High Point Bats)

Gold Glove:

C -   Rolando Marcano (S. Carolina Yankees)

1B - Jordan Banks (High Point Bats)

SS - Kareem Bowers (S. Carolina Yankees)

2B - Devryn Galloway ( Carolina Dragons)

3B - Mitchell Austin (High Point Bats)

OF - A'lik Allen (Burlington Royals)

        Dante Thorbs (High Point Bats)

        Aaron Harris (Carolina Dragons)

Sliver Sluggers:

C - Wyatt German (Burlington Royals)

1B - Justin McIntosh (Burlington Royals)

2B - Devryn Galloway (Carolina Dragons)

SS - Kareem Bowers (S. Carolina Yankees)

3B - Mitchell Austin (High Point Bats)

OF - A'lik Allen   (Burlington Royals)

        Tommy Blood  (Burlington Royals)

        Aaron Harris   (Carolina Dragons)

DH - Kali Williams   (S. Carolina Yankees)

EH - Rodney Scarver  (Burlington Royals)

2021 All-Stars


Alex Leija - (High Point Bats)

Ty Wickline - (S. Carolina Yankees)

Jordan Reid - (Carolina Dragons)

Darrell Render Jr. - (Carolina Dragons)

Kevis Burton - (S. Carolina Yankees)

Zach Lauzon - (Burlington Royals)

Houston Wright - (Burlington Royals)

Jacob Redman - (High Point Bats)


Mitchell Austin - (High Point Bats)

Kareem Bowers - (S. Carolina Yankees)

Antonio Brown - (S. Carolina Yankees)

Anthony Ward - (High Point Bats)

Carter Davis - (Carolina Dragons)

Devryn Galloway - (Carolina Dragons)

Alex Henrietta - (High Point Bats)

Denzel Johnson - (Carolina Dragons)

Wyatt German - (Burlington Royals)


Bradley Isaac - (Carolina Dragons)

Alexander Henrietta - (High Point Bats)

Aaron Harris - (Carolina Dragons)

Rodney Scarver - (Burlington Royals)

A'lik Allen - (Burlington Royals)

Tommy Blood - (Burlington Royals)